Composing hut - Steinbach am Attersee

Mahler Foundation intends to host annual events in Steinbach am Attersee in Upper Austria in conjunction with the Steinbach Mahler Festival that will be held every year around 7 July, the composer’s birthday. Mahler spent the summers of 1893 through 1896 there, in this stunning Alpine setting of mountains and water. Inspired by the surroundings, he had a composing hut built on the shore of the lake where he completed both the Second and Third Symphonies and a half dozen songs from Des Knaben Wunderhorn.

The beauty and historic importance of this location provide the perfect backdrop for activities organised and supported by Mahler Foundation. The emphasis will be on bringing together nature and culture, supporting young people in their artistic endeavours and providing a forum for creativity and the exchange of ideas. In so doing, we will celebrate the unique spirit of this place while paying tribute to a composer so deeply attuned to the world.

Meeting of Minds - based on an idea by Franz Werfel he called The Academy of Poets and Thinkers, Mahler Foundation will establish an intimate three-day sanctuary for minds of different walks of society, focusing on a concentrated exchange of opinions on carefully selected topics of our day, with ample time for personal discussions, time alone and enjoying the natural setting.

Composer in Residence — a six-week programme starting with attendance at the Meeting of Minds and concluding at the Steinbach Mahler Festival. It will include the commission of a new composition with the artist returning the following summer for rehearsals and a world premiere.

Scholar in Residence — a six-week residency programme starting with attendance at the Meeting of Minds and ending at the Festival.