House on lake 3.jpg
Mahler Foundation is excited to commission a work from filmmaker Matthew Burdis entitled "Houses of Mahler", exploring the great composer's haunts, homes and the environments from which he drew inspiration. Matthew is an alumnus of Mahler & LeWitt Studios and was awarded a residency for the June/July 2016 session.

A key objective of this project is to bring and maintain the relevance of the present within this film, and using Casa Mahler is an integral way of achieving this. Says Matthew, ‘The way I intend to use time is to avoid obvious distinctions so much between now and then, and move between these places through the themes and events that connect them’. Mahler Foundation intends that this project will bring a personal vision of the spirit of Mahler to new audiences. 

Future project in development — New works of music and art, beginning with the 2020 Mahler Festival in Amsterdam to embrace the Manifesto of the 1920 Festival, signed by Schoenberg and others.