Ernest Rose (1900-1988).

Also: Ernst.

In 1939 exile in America.

Actor, worked for the Voice of America.

Supplement 2 of the Gustav Mahler-Alfred Rosé Collection - University of Western Ontario[items numbered 766-775] was in the possession of Ernest Rosé of Washington, son of Emma Mahler and Eduard Rosé, and consists of four letters by Mahler (one written in collaboration with his sister Justine) to family members; six letters from Justine to Emma; ten letters from Bruno Walter to Mahler, Justine or Emma; four cabinet card photographs of Walter; and a draft of a letter by Arnold Rosé (in Mahler's hand) withdrawing the offer of a position with the (Rosé Quartet) to the cellist Rudolf Krasselt, citing an unpleasant situation between Krasselt's brother (Concertmaster in Weimar) and his behaviour toward Arnold's brother Eduard Rosé. See Gustav Mahler-Alfred Rosé Collection - University of Western Ontario.