Beethoven’s 9th, Gustav Mahler’s Orchestration

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth, On Air will broadcast from Vienna, the world capital of classical music for ‘the year of Beethoven’.

The exclusive performance of Gustav Mahler’s Re-Orchestration of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony will be conducted by … Read More

Interview Marina Mahler

Interview made by Lucas von Worekum to Marina Mahler in London on December 19, 2019.

Created by Symphonic Cinema Productions.

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Mahler Symphony #2 with the Self-Isolation Choir

Saturday, November 14th

The Self-Isolation Choir aims to provide comfort and support to people feeling disconnected from friends, family, and life by bringing us all together to sing glorious choral works.

With the support of the Mahler Foundation, The Self-Isolation Read More

Life and Art of Gustav Mahler

Second Mahler Hour

Mahler turns 160!

Second Mahler Hour by Mahler Foundation.

Featuring: Marina Mahler, Aaron Cohen, Eveline Nikkels, Joost Honselaar, Thomas Hampson, Francisco Bricio and others.

Host: Morten Solvik.

Recorded: July 7, 2020.

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Alma Mahler and Allert de Lange

A new edition will be released on June 12, 2020: Briefwechsel Alma Mahler – Allert de Lange Verlag, a publication of the Gustav Mahler Stichting Nederland, delivered by Matthijs Boumans and Eveline Nikkels.

In March 1940, Alma Mahler’s book … Read More

Earth Day 2020

Join Mahler Foundation for The Song Of The Earth on Earth Day!

Three Inspiring Films for Earth Day 2020

Gustav Mahler once said: “I want to be remembered as the ‘Singer of Nature,'”, and no work better captures his profound … Read More

Resurrection Symphony

In August 1892 a cholera epidemic struck Hamburg as Mahler was on his way there to conduct another season at the Stadttheater. Faced with possibly drastic consequences and defying orders that he return to his workplace, he decided to retreat … Read More