‘A symphony must be like the world,’ Mahler said. ‘It must embrace everything.’ And he turned that far reaching thought into sound.

Gustav Mahler’s cathartic music seems to express the most extreme human emotions and reaches minds and hearts of all ages, nations and religions. Because of this, his music continues to live in the present. Mahler is a true composer of the 20th and 21st century. With Mahler’s radical thinking and his profound love of nature, we look to the young, to the future, to take these transformative impulses even further.

Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler: the world listens*

The Mahler effect has been my parallel world since my childhood, something we have all felt listening to his music and discovering the man.

Why this music ?

It gives relief.
It gives hope.
Yet plumbs the depths of our emotions.
It expresses to us our most extreme feelings and helps us to bear them.

And it is very powerful!
It can reach minds and hearts of all ages, nations and religions.

The huge emotions and love communicated to me throughout my life by countless people in countless lands on hearing this transformative and cathartic music could, if connected, if empowered, truly give strength and sustenance to people young and old in a much wider radius in today’s unsettling and turbulent world.

With Mahler’s radical and far reaching thinking as a spur we look to the young, to those whose minds still reflect their childhood dreams, to take these transformative impulses even further.

Let’s link these emotions to bring about a widespread and powerful complicity, a force for good without boundaries!

Let’s think outside of the box, reaching beyond the habitual and limiting frontiers of geography and culture...including those who have not yet heard a concert, in lives far from cities and concert halls! Who will be listening perhaps through an iPhone, a computer…or just the wind ...

I believe that my grandfather 
who called himself the Singer of Nature 
who said. “ever since my childhood Nature has been for me one and all...”
Who believed the art of living to be the greatest art,
who delved so deeply into the problems and joys of being alive, could be an even wider source of comfort and strength.

And we only need to reach out.
And so we have acted upon this belief

Please be with us...


*Mahlerfest 1995 Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Marina Mahler

guest thumb

‘Komponierhäuschen’ Guestbooks, Attersee

The Steinbach Guestbooks are the written inscriptions of thousands of visitors to Mahler's composing hut (‘Komponierhäuschen’) in Steinbach am Attersee since the founding of a little exhibition there in 1985. 

Gustavo Dudamel, seen in the photo above, is one of many conductors whose interviews on Mahler follow. Do click on the link below. Gustavo won the Mahler Competition in Bamberg in 2004, the first winner in the very first Mahler competition and made us very proud!

Watch on www.youtube.com

With the kind permission of writer/director Frank Scheffer and producer, Pieter van Huystee

Gozaran – Time passing, A moving film illustrating the power of the Mahler Effect.

With the kind permission of director Frank Scheffer

Conducting Mahler — A film in memory of the Mahler Festival in Amsterdam 1920 made on the occasion of the commemorative Mahlerfest, Amsterdam 1995.