Mahler & LeWitt Studios, established by Anna Mahler Association in 2010 in Spoleto, Italy, where young artists (in painting, sculpture, film, literature, art curation) are provided with housing, studios, and exhibition space for summer stays as well as extended support and networking resources.

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The Song of the Earth project seeks to further Mahler’s vision in today’s world by promoting an awareness of the environment and our actions affecting the delicate balance of nature.

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Mahler Foundation intends to host annual events in Steinbach am Attersee in Austria in conjunction with the Steinbach Mahler Festival that will be held every year around July 7, the composer’s birthday.

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Mahler Foundation is excited to commission a work from filmmaker Matthew Burdis entitled "Houses of Mahler", exploring the great composer's haunts, homes and the environments from which he drew inspiration.

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The programme celebrates Anna Mahler, sculptor daughter of Gustav and Alma, who kept a studio in the town of Spoleto, Italy. For more information visit

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Tree Planting

Tree planting initiatives to raise environmental awareness around the world, especially involving young people.


Academy of Poets and Thinkers

Based on an idea by Franz Werfel which he called the Academy of Poets and Thinkers, Meeting of Minds will be established by Mahler Foundation to provide an intimate three-day sanctuary for minds of different walks of society. It will be a platform for a concentrated exchange of opinions in the form of carefully selected topics of our day, with ample time for personal discussions, time alone, and enjoying the natural setting.

This grass-roots programme, co-founded by Marina Mahler and Kahchun Wong, winner of the 2016 Bamberg Mahler Competition for Conducting, introduces children to the joys of making music through group activities, listening, experimentation, personal instruction, collaboration, and performance.

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Mahler KinderPhilharmoniker will bring together children from all over the world to workshop and perform with international orchestral musicians: teaching, mentoring and playing together.

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‘Komponierhäuschen’ Guestbooks, Attersee

The Steinbach Guestbooks are the written inscriptions of thousands of visitors to Mahler's composing hut (‘Komponierhäuschen’) in Steinbach am Attersee since the founding of a little exhibition there in 1985.

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Gustavo Dudamel, seen in the photo above, is one of many conductors whose interviews on Mahler follow. Do click on the link below. Gustavo won the Mahler Competition in Bamberg in 2004, the first winner in the very first Mahler competition and made us very proud!

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