Project Infinitude Final Concert March 2017

Childhood is a fount of dream, energy and future. It is a map of the possible …
Marina Mahler

With Project Infinitude, Mahler Foundation piloted a scheme in partnership with young emerging professionals and children from less privileged backgrounds, making music and communicating with a spirit of playfulness, creativity and compassion.

Respect: three generations playing under one roof — Embracing diversity: harmony and generosity towards humanity, regardless of race, language or religion — Developing the next generation.

Project Infinitude asks children to consider: have you ever looked at a sturdy oak tree and wondered about its enduring strength? Or gazed at the tall rain tree arching upwards to the sky and wish to stretch your own limits to achieve your dreams? Or the olive or palm, both linking us through history and across race and religion as symbols of peace and enlightenment. Although each of these wonderful trees from different parts of our shared world have realised great potential and have stood strong through time, they all started out small, delicate and vulnerable as saplings.

Imagine now, if there were 10 oases of musical hope, spread across various parts of the world but connected by a shared ambition, coming together periodically to celebrate their evolving growth. In each oasis, there would be a small team of outstanding professional musicians serving as mentors to music college students, who will then work with children from diverse backgrounds embarking on their first musical journeys.

There will be constant dialogue between each of the different partners, as we realise that every community is different and constantly transforming. The celebration of evolution, of change, is a critical dimension with adults and children energising and empowering each other, exchanging both experience and new light. Freshly watered by the compassion and limitless imagination of each ‘inner child’, the consequent music cannot help but be infused with a spirit of inner play!

Children have an amazing ability to touch the human heart, unlock mutual dialogue and instil kindness and compassion in people. We want to provide a platform for children to gain full access to classical music regardless of their background, race, language or religion. We want to create a holistic music programme that instils life skills in our children, such as building teamwork together, discipline, building confidence and critical thinking. We want to develop a network of thinking musicians who understand their responsibility in sharing their vast knowledge and experience with future generations. We feel that as a form of international language, music can empower everyone in society including children by uniting people together and developing a sense of global community, understanding and compassion.

Kahchun Wong

Never believe that fate is more than the condensation of childhood.

Rainer Maria Rilke


This grass-roots programme, co-founded by Marina Mahler and Kahchun Wong, winner of the 2016 Bamberg Mahler Competition for Conducting, introduces children to the joys of making music through group activities, listening, experimentation, personal instruction, collaboration, and performance.

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Mahler KinderPhilharmoniker will bring together children from all over the world to workshop and perform with international orchestral musicians: teaching, mentoring and playing together.

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