Bringing together children from all over the world to workshop and perform with international orchestral musicians…teaching, mentoring and playing together.

Growing from Project Infinitude, as it develops and gains momentum, Mahler Foundation will offer opportunities for especially accomplished youths to gather in regional and international events, culminating in workshops and concerts.  The Mahler KinderPhilharmoniker will be formed every 2-3 years at diverse locations and mentored by the world's greatest orchestras.

Children from 8 years upwards will be nominated all over the world to attend an orchestral workshop and perform as a 3- generational symphony orchestra. Participation in Mahler KinderPhilharmoniker is intended to foster a love of playing music with familiarity and respect for people of other nationalities, creeds, religions and generations.

But now imagine such a large work in which the whole world is actually reflected - one is, so to speak, oneself merely an instrument upon which the universe plays.

Gustav Mahler