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Project Infinitude is a grass-roots programme, co-founded by Marina Mahler and Kahchun Wong, winner of the 2016 Bamberg Mahler Competition for Conducting, introducing children to the joys of making music through group activities, listening, experimentation, personal instruction, collaboration, and performance. The pilot project took place in 2016/2017 in Singapore initiated and directed by Kahchun Wong. The idea is to expand these activities both laterally and longitudinally: laterally to cities and countries around the world and longitudinally to higher musical skill levels for young people of particular promise.

Mahler Foundation plans to expand its activities in Singapore, the wider S. E. Asia region and beyond, offering the joy of music making and the benefits of leadership and societal skills to children who would not otherwise have this access. We are aware of the many similar efforts around the world (El Sistema and other similar groups) and seek to work with them in realizing our common goals.

Project Infinitude is a three-phase, four-month project which started in November 2016 and culminated with a concert in March 2017 with ground-up arts movement SuperheroMe, which supports children from disadvantaged and special needs communities.

Phase 1 — A three-day workshop integrating the children’s visual and physical creativity using SuperHeroMe as a concept to expand their imaginations. Nature played its part, too, as this was the seed of the project for the future and each child planted a seed in their own decorated pot.

Phase 2 — Introduced the children to concerts, rehearsals and workshops with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore.

Phase 3 — Weekly group instrumental teaching celebrated in a final concert.