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Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)

'A symphony must be like the world,’ Gustav Mahler said. ‘It must embrace everything.’ And he turned that far reaching thought into sound.

Gustav Mahler’s cathartic music seems to express the most extreme human emotions and reaches minds and hearts of all ages, nations and religions. Because of this, his music continues to live in the present. Mahler is a true composer of the 20th and 21st century. With Mahler’s radical thinking and his profound love of nature, we look to the young, to the future, to take these transformative impulses even further.

Mission Mahler Foundation

We believe that art illuminates our essence and as such can serve as a vehicle for improving life, that awakening the imagination engenders compassion.

"But now imagine such a large work in which the whole world is actually reflected - one is, so to speak, oneself merely an instrument upon which the universe plays" - Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)

Orchestra of the Earth
On the last Sunday of the Mahler Festival (17-05-2020), the Mahler Festival spreads its wings to the pop temple Paradiso. For a concert by the Orchestra of the Earth, with music by Mahler, Knussen...
Mahler Festival 2020 Amsterdam
The latest information about the Gustav Mahler Festival 2020 Amsterdam . Including a detailed program, festival blog and photo album .
Gustav Mahler world map
World map with all the locations visited by Gustav Mahler. The map also contains other Gustav Mahler related locations such as the Mahler Societies and the Mahler Foundation. Link to the Gustav...
Photo albums Gustav and Alma
Expected early 2020: All photos from the Gustav and Alma Mahler family photo albums . Help us identify everyone on the photos by adding your comments. Copyright: Marina Mahler (1943) .
Symphony No. 10 (Mengelberg)
Performances in Hong Kong and Amsterdam of the 1924 Willem Mengelberg (1871-1951) version of Symphony No. 10 . 13-12-2019 Hong Kong : Symphony No. 10 - Adagio and Purgatorio. Hong Kong Philharmonic...
Mahler Award 2020
On the occasion of the Mahler Festival 2020 in Amsterdam the Mahler Foundation will launch the Mahler Award . The Award is presented by the Founder and President of the Mahler Foundation Marina...

Mahler Foundation calendar

Events recommended by the Mahler Foundation.

Friday 22-10-1903 and Saturday 23-10-1903. Symphony No. 3, conductor Gustav Mahler, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.
Mahler Foundation calender
Mahler Foundation and the Mahler Festival 2020
  • The Mahler Foundation and The Royal Concertgebouw are proud to announce that they are joining forces for a number of special events at the Mahler Festival 2020 Amsterdam. Exhibitions, commissions of new works, films and documentaries, and an international forum on the environment entitled ‘Song of the Earth’ will augment the musical performances in an innovative exploration of the man behind the masterpieces. Listen to the statement of Marina Mahler.
  • 10 Mahler Documentaries
  • On the occasion of Mahler Festival 2020, Mahler Foundation is commissioning ten new documentaries. These ten documentaries will focus on Mahler’s first nine symphonies, the Adagio of his tenth, and Das Lied von der Erde – bringing new insights, stories and points of view — allowing the audience to experience these musical masterpieces with a new awareness.