On the occasion of Mahler Festival 2020, Mahler Foundation is commissioning ten new documentaries. These ten documentaries will focus on Mahler’s first nine symphonies, the Adagio of his tenth, and Das Lied von der Erde – bringing new insights, stories and points of view — allowing the audience to experience these musical masterpieces with a new awareness.

On the occasion of the 2020 Mahler festival in Amsterdam, Mahler Foundation will launch the Mahler Award – an international honour recognising an individual or organisation that demonstrates exceptional achievement and embodies the Mahler Foundation’s aims and areas of concern; contemporary art, youth culture, and the environment.

The Award is presented by the Founder and President of the Mahler Foundation Marina Mahler.

Mahler’s musical and intellectual oeuvre survives time, outlasting the darkest years in European history. It is today a source of inspiration mobilising change in society and in the arts.

The Mahler Foundation has set itself the goal of making this source of inspiration visible. We want to set up a center in Vienna that makes it possible to grasp the connection between Mahler’s legacy and his timeless work with all senses. Specifically, we want to show Mahler’s story — his origin, his work and thinking — and how it relates to our human future.

We open doors. We support projects that bring something new to our world, and think ahead - in the spirit of creativity, youth, and sustainability. We are creating a think-tank that focuses on people and their future – without any ideological or geographical boundaries. We open the world.

Why Vienna?

Today the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler is one of the world’s most performed composers and his work has inspired the founding of innumerable international societies. Kurt Blaukopf describes Mahler as The Contemporary of the Future.

Apart from a plaque on a building in the Auenbruggergasse in Vienna’s third district, not much reminds us of Mahler’s personal life in the public space of Vienna today.

The establishment of a Gustav Mahler Center as an operational base on which this think tank can be developed and organized suggests Vienna as its founding and main location. The establishment of such an international platform can host public discourse and develop programs.

For the centenary of the original Mahlerfest in 1920 Het Concertgebouw will again host an international Mahler Festival called "Mahler’s Universe". The Mahler Foundation will use this special occasion to partner with Het Concertgebouw to launch a special program to indicate our future mission and projects.

In recognition of Gustav Mahler’s unique role in music, Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, hosted a Mahlerfest in 1920. For the centenary of the original festival in 2020, Het Concertgebouw will again host an international Mahler Festival – ‘Mahler’s Universe’ — featuring performances of Mahler’s works by some of the world’s foremost orchestras and singers.

Mahler Foundation is working in partnership with Het Concertgebouw to launch a special program to indicate the Foundations’s mission and projects, and to highlight Gustav Mahler’s profoundly perceptive and generous view of life and art in the spirit of our mission.

Mahler Foundation will co-commission a series of works by contemporary composers to be premiered alongside Mahler’s symphonies. We will be presenting a two-day symposium - the Gustav Mahler Forum - exploring issues crucial to Mahler’s personal sensibilities and concerns, including the environment, cultural identity, and religion.