... to rebuild the broken spiritual bridges between the peoples ...

Mahlerfest, Amsterdam 1920

Mahler Foundation

Mahler Foundation initiates positive change by supporting projects that draw upon the transformative power of Gustav Mahler’s legacy.

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My need to express myself musically, symphonically only begins where obscure feelings rule, at the threshold that leads into the 'other world', the world where things no longer fall apart in time and space.

Gustav Mahler

For the centenary of the original Mahlerfest in 1920 Het Concertgebouw will again host an international Mahler Festival called "Mahler’s Universe". The Mahler Foundation will use this special occasion to partner with Het Concertgebouw to launch a special program to indicate our future mission and projects.

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We want to set up a center in Vienna that makes it possible to grasp the connection between Mahler’s legacy and his timeless work with all senses. Specifically, we want to show Mahler’s story — his origin, his work and thinking — and how it relates to our human future

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