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Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)

A symphony must be like the world,’ Gustav Mahler said. ‘It must embrace everything.’ And he turned that far-reaching thought into sound.

Gustav Mahler’s cathartic music seems to express the most extreme human emotions and reaches minds and hearts of all ages, nations, and religions. Because of this, his music continues to live in the present. Mahler is a true composer of the 20th and 21st centuries. With Mahler’s radical thinking and his profound love of nature, we look to the young, to the future, to take these transformative impulses even further. 

Mission Mahler Foundation

We believe that art illuminates our essence and as such can serve as a vehicle for improving life, that awakening the imagination engenders compassion.

"But now imagine such a large work in which the whole world is actually reflected - one is, so to speak, oneself merely an instrument upon which the universe plays" - Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)

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In August 1892 a cholera epidemic struck Hamburg as Mahler was on his way there to conduct another season at the Stadttheater. Faced with possibly drastic consequences and defying orders that he return to his workplace, he decided to retreat to his summer vacation spot in Berchtesgaden until the worst was over.

Faced with a pandemic affecting all of us, we, too, must act prudently, so it is both understandable and very sad that the Mahler Festival 2020 cannot take place as scheduled this May. Mahler Foundation has worked hard to support Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam in preparing this celebration of Mahler's life and works.

Our thoughts go out to all of the musicians and organizers and to all of you.

Mahler survived the crisis and shortly thereafter set to work on his next creation: The Resurrection Symphony (Symphony No. 2).


Through our design, development and support of projects in the contemporary arts, environment and music education, we foster community, refresh the awareness of nature as the inspiration for creativity and hope to speak to humanity’s common purposes in the spirit of Gustav Mahler.

Gustav Mahler has touched untold lives through his works, communicating in his songs and symphonies life's joys and calamities and inspiring a deeply moving vision of the human condition. Mahler Foundation's mission is to channel this profound awareness - the "Mahler Effect" - into a force for positive change by creating, inspiring and supporting projects that draw upon, exemplify and further the transformative power of Gustav Mahler's legacy. Mahler Foundation was founded by Marina Mahler, whose vision and generosity is a response to her life experience as Gustav Mahler's granddaughter.

Mahler Foundation is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose affairs are governed by a Board of Directors, chaired by Martin Campbell-White, and whose members contribute expertise in musicology, arts management, finance, law and nonprofit organizational effectiveness. Mahler Foundation's mission is supported by Honorary Members including conductors of major orchestras, and Advisory Members who are leaders in the arts.

Mahler famously said, "But now imagine such a large work in which the whole world is actually reflected – one is, so to speak, oneself merely an instrument upon which the universe plays." Each of us is the instrument upon which the universe plays today! Please join us!

Become a "producer” of a series of ten films we have commissioned together with Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam

We ask for your support to bring these 10 films not only to the audiences, but through our educational and technological outreach, and our network of global Mahler Societies from Mexico to China, to millions for whom a visit to a major concert hall and festival is but a dream, especially now.

If you have been profoundly moved by Mahler's music, help us pay it forward. Who knows, one of the young people first experiencing Mahler through these films might just turn out to be this century's own Mahler for the next!

Our goal is to raise $190,000 by May 31, 2020. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of donors on 4 continents, we are more than two-thirds there!

Please help us complete this film project by making a donation to Mahler Foundation today. We work with trans-national charity networks who help us make giving to Mahler Foundation possible from anywhere in the world and with the possibility of tax-deductibility if you are a taxpayer in the United States and Europe (including the UK).

If you are a US taxpayer, please use this link to donate on Network for Good.

European supporters can donate to the “European Friends of Mahler Foundation” via the King Baudouin Foundation.

Each gift, no matter the size is important – When you make a gift, please also let us know how the music and spirit of Gustav Mahler has inspired you in your life, we look forward to hearing your story.

The Board and Staff of Mahler Foundation invite you and thank you for considering a gift, on behalf of the countless millions of young people for whom Mahler is still unknown, yet (as you have experienced) a potentially transformative force and inspiration in times of sorrow as well as joy.

Thank you!

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In August 1892 a cholera epidemic struck Hamburg as Mahler was on his way there to conduct another season at the Stadttheater. Faced with possibly drastic consequences and defying orders that he...
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In the course of 2020, the Mahler Foundation website will be available in different languages. Languages can be recognized by the small flags at the top right of the homepage.

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Friday 22-10-1903 and Saturday 23-10-1903. Symphony No. 3, conductor Gustav Mahler, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.
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Cartoons and caricatures published during the life of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). Collected from worldwide publications.

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Images of Gustav Mahler made by his daughter Anna and by Auguste Rodin. With a complete list of the original Rodin casts.

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Paining by Gallen-Kallela "Lit up only by fire, quite a la Rembrandt .... a strong likeness. You would be astonished!' - Gustav Mahler (1907).

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Photo albums

The private family photo album of Gustav and Alma Mahler. Alma Schindler's photo album after Gustav Mahler. Photos from various Mahler Festivals.

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  • Symphony No. 1

    Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 1. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Conductor Daniel Harding. Fragment.
  • Symphony No. 2

    Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 2 (brass chorale). Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Conductor Daniele Gatti. Fragment.