We invite you to become a member of the Mahler Foundation for $25 dollars /year.

By becoming a member, you will be enabling Mahler Foundation to design, promote, and further activities worldwide in the spirit and legacy of Gustav Mahler. Your membership fees will allow us to:

  • Continue to provide vision, inspiration, services, introductions, training, referrals, and educational content to individuals, organizations, and cities that seek to create musical and/or artistic communities and experiences.
  • Fund our operations so that we can further build out our website to be the indispensable “go-to” site for all things Mahler and design projects we can participate in.
  • Respond to requests for advice from cultural and performing organizations, as well as musicians, artists, and environmentalists worldwide who are seeking to effect change in Mahler’s spirit.
  • Fund institutional development capacities to allow us to become sustainable and,
  • Seek out and seed diverse collaborations that highlight the relationship between the arts and nature.

As a member, you will be invited to an annual online meeting of Mahler Societies hosted by Mahler Foundation, you will receive periodic membership updates from Marina Mahler on the state of the foundation and her thoughts on the role of Mahler in this unsettled world, as well as occasional updates on events by our associated organizations.

Your membership will be effective for a one-year period ending each year on Mahler’s birthday.

To allow as many persons as possible to become members, we are asking individuals to pay $25/year only, however, we would be grateful for any additional support you can provide us. Building on our success with the Amsterdam festival, we are now being approached by festivals and organizations on multiple continents to bring the spirit of Mahler to them, and we invite you to help us perform our mission.

Your membership fees will be spent not on specific projects, but instead, to help us develop and propose projects that have deep significance in the spirit of Mahler.

Please join us!

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