Oksana Lyniv and Ukraine

Saturday, April 23, 2022

  • Oksana Lyniv, Conductor, General Music Director, Teatro Comunale di Bologna
  • Alexandra Saitseva, Director, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
  • Dmytro Cherepov, Violinist, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
  • Marina Mahler, Founder and President, Mahler Foundation

The tragedy unfolding in Ukraine demands our attention. For this edition of The Mahler Hour, we speak with members of the musical community of this country, especially the prominent conductor, Oksana Lyniv, who, among many accomplishments, made her debut at Bayreuth last year.

Maestra Lyniv tells us a bit about her career, her connections with Mahler and Mahler Foundation, and describe the founding of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine.

We are joined by the Orchestra’s General Manager, Alexandra Saitseva, who tells us about the current state of the ensemble and the whereabouts of its members.

We also speak with a musician of the orchestra who has stayed behind in Ukraine to defend his country.

In conclusion, we look ahead at the many projects that are developing for this orchestra as it proudly strives towards the future.

Hosted by Morten Solvik

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