The second song in the collection, “Erinnerung” (Remembrance), contains text by Richard Leander. Curiously, this song starts in F minor but ends a whole step higher in G minor. This is the only piece in the collection to make this sort of tonal transition. The breath marks 14 follow the punctuation of the text; however, the tubist should feel free to omit a breath if it is not needed. Throughout this song, Mahler juxtaposes a duple and triple feel in the piano part. The pianist must take care to not blend the two rhythmic figures into one:

The tubist can help delineate the metric differences in the piano part by clearly articulating any upbeat figures in a duple time feel. This would include any eighth-note pickups, like the A-flat at the end of measure 3 above.

Text: Richard Leander (Richard Volkmann (1830-1889)).


Es wecket meine Liebe

Die Lieder immer wieder!

Es wecken meine Lieder

Die Liebe immer wieder!

Die Lippen, die da träumen

Von deinen heißen Küssen,

In Sang und Liedesweisen

Von dir sie tönen müssen!

Und wollen die Gedanken

Der Liebe sich entschlagen,

So kommen meine Lieder

Zu mir mit Liebesklagen!

So halten mich in Banden

Die Beiden immer wieder!

Es weckt das Lied die Liebe!

Die Liebe weckt die Liemer!

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