• Year 1880. 15-05-1880 until 15-08-1880.
  • Summer.
  • Pfarrkirchen No. 19
  • Pfarrkirchnerstrasse.
  • Pension and restaurant Theresia Schmid.
  • Letter and postcard to Albert Spiegler (1856-1940)

Gustav Mahler lived in ‘Pfarrkirchen bei Bad Hall’ while working in Kurhaus Bad Hall. Pfarrkirchen bei Bad Hall is a little town southwest of Bad Hall. Mahler lived in one of the 17 rooms of this Pension also called the “Baderhaus” or “Unteres Gasthaus”,

House Gustav Mahler Bad Hall 1880. House Gustav Mahler (left) and the Parish church of Pfarrkirchen bei Bad Hall (photo 1929).

Parish church of Pfarrkirchen bei Bad Hall.

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