Marisol Navarro, a passionate Mexican advocate of arts and culture, holds a Major in Design at the Western Institute of Technology and Advanced Studies (ITESO).

She also holds a Minor in Civilisation Françoise from the Sorbonne in Paris. Furthermore, she specialized in Marketing and Neurosciences.

She was raised in a creative environment and, thanks to the influence of her parents, she was surrounded by literature, classical music and important personalities from the world of arts and culture.

Her mentor, the illustrious Beto Ruiz Mojica, instilled in her the passion for literature, culture, ancient civilizations and the defense of cultural heritage.

She has collaborated in projects of international relevance alongside prominent figures such as Francisco Bricio, Jurgen Klaric, dancer Lola Lince, cartoonist José Luis García “Josel”, among others. Marisol has also worked for the Government of Catalunia, the US Embassy in Mexico and the FIL International Book Fair in Guadalajara.

An avid Mahlerian and a fierce admirer of “Almischi”, she is currently involved as community manager with the Sociedad Mahler. She is a member of the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra Board of Trustees and a counselor at the Lyceum Learning and Research Resource Center (CRAI) of the Lyceum del Valle College, in Guadalajara.

Together with her husband, Omar Haro, they support institutions that grant scholarships to outstanding Mexicans who want to complete their graduate studies overseas.

She contributes to programs focused on encouraging reading habits, development, and knowledge of classical music, appreciation of the arts, and programs for youth education.

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