Exploring the World of Wunderhorn

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

  • Renate Stark-Voit
  • Thomas Hampson

This show will be dedicated to Mahler’s enchanting songs from the folk poetry collection Des Knaben Wunderhorn, we will explore why Mahler loved these texts, where they came from and what they inspired in him.

Renate Stark-Voit, editor of the Critical Edition of the Wunderhorn songs, will speak to us about what it is like to research and publish these works.

Famed American baritone, Thomas Hampson, will share his experiences performing these works, tell us why he played a key role in their publication, and explain what these Lieder mean to him.

Both of our guests will tell us about their collaboration in producing the recording of the orchestral version of the Wunderhorn songs with the Wiener Virtuosen.

And, finally, you will learn why the Wunderhorn songs are not a cycle!

Join us for an exploration of this wonderful world of song, biography, and performance!

Hosted by Morten Solvik

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