December 5th, 2020

  • Enrique Diemecke – Honorary President of the Sociedad Mahler
  • Francisco Bricio – Executive President of the Sociedad Mahler
  • Samuel Romo – Vice President of the Sociedad Mahler
  • Alejandra Urrutia – Conductor in Chile for the Gran Concierto por la Hermandad

We met Enrique Diemecke, composer, conductor, and Honorary President of the Sociedad Mahler and Artistic General Director of Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Francisco Bricio, Vice Chairman of Mahler Foundation, provided a detailed profile of the Sociedad Mahler that he heads in Mexico. Along the way, we heard about its activities and visited two of its related institutions:

Conservatorio Mahler México de Irapuato, based in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico and a guided visit to a private Mahler Museum in San Luis Potosí, which is owned by Samuel Romo, Vice President of Sociedad Mahler.

Furthermore, Francisco talked about the activities of Sociedad Mahler España.

To close this edition of the Mahler Hour, conductor Alejandra Urrutia told us about a major event in Santiago de Chile that brought together political change and a stirring performance of Mahler’s Second Symphony.

Hosted by Morten Solvik

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