Leipzig Celebrates Mahler

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Leipzig, the famed musical city of Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn, and many other masters, also played a significant role in the life of Gustav Mahler. It was here that he took decisive steps in his conducting career and, in completing the First Symphony, where he launched his creative journey of becoming a master of symphonic composition.

Appropriately enough, this May the Gewandhaus of Leipzig has prepared a series of premiere orchestras in a presentation of all of Mahler’s symphonic works plus numerous songs, orchestral arrangements, and such rarities as Die drei Pintos. There were also be films, talks, tours and much else for the music-lover and Mahler aficionado plus other celebrations of Mahler in a variety of venues.

The Mahler Hour broadcasted live from Leipzig on the 112th anniversary of the composer’s passing and brought people closer to these events, to give a sense of what was happening and to let everyone meet some of the organizers of the festivities.

From the Gewandhaus we heard from Tobias Niederschlag, Artistic Director of the Mahler Festival and Thomas Hampson, who served in a number of functions: giving masterclasses, performing, and curating the films, as well as Tahlia Petrosian, director of the Wunderhorn Festival, exploring new ways of bringing Classical music and Mahler’s world to the general public in an untraditional venue.

Watch now and join us as we celebrate Mahler in Leipzig!

Hosted by Morten Solvik

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