What do we know about Mahler?

February 6, 2021

  • Srimal Weerasinghe and Vidhurinda Samareweera – Gustav Mahler Society of Colombo
  • Anna Stoll Knecht – Musicologist and author
  • Stephen Hefling – Co-Editor New Complete Critical Edition of the Works of Gustav Mahler
  • Stephen McClatchie – Editor The Mahler Family Letters.

We will begin with another segment in our profiles of Mahler societies around the world with a quick trip to Sri Lanka, where we will talk to Srimal Weerasinghe and Vidhurinda Samareweera, the founders of the Gustav Mahler Society of Colombo.

Then we turn to the question of what we know about Mahler and how we know it. To help us answer this, we turn to the scholar Anna Stoll Knecht to hear about the field of musicology and her recent book on the Seventh Symphony.

Stephen Hefling, co-editor of the New Complete Critical Edition of the Works of Gustav Mahler, will join us to talk about his recently completed edition of Titan and to explain what lies behind publishing the composer’s scores.

Finally, we hear from Stephen McClatchie, editor of the Mahler Family Letters, who will have more to say about how we discover the man behind the music in his correspondence.

In all, a journey into the complex and fascinating world of scholarship and what it has to offer all of us!

Hosted by Morten Solvik

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