Alma Rosé – Concert

A story about a world-class violinist, Alma Rosé, who spent her life performing on the stages of the largest concert halls in Europe. In 1943, due to her Jewish origin, she was taken to the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, where she became the conductor of the women’s camp orchestra.
  • Performed by: Anna Błaut – monologue – (Alma)
  • Małgorzata Wasiucionek – violin – (Alma)
  • Malwina Kotz – violin Sylwia Matuszyńska – cello
  • Aleksandra Zych – viola Justyna Skoczek – piano
  • Bente Kahan – producer and director
  • Mariusz Urbanek – script
  • Małgorzata Wasiucionek – music manager
  • English subtitles Krzysztof Wilma –

Co-financed by the City of Wroclaw

Fundacja Bente Kahan

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