Jason Starr

December 19th, 2020

This time the Spotlight is on Jason Starr, the documentary filmmaker whose explorations of Mahler’s symphonies have opened up new perspectives on these masterpieces to audiences far and wide.

Mr. Starr explains why it is that Mahler so fascinates him and the challenges that are posed when wanting to capture the essence of musical composition in film.

We hear how works, performers, and commentators are chosen for these projects and how their contributions are woven together to form the rich tapestry of sight, sound, and insight that is the hallmark of these films.

The presentation includes excerpts from all of Starr’s Mahler documentaries: The First, Second, and Third Symphonies, The Song of the Earth, and the Songs of a Wayfarer.

For a preview of Mr. Starr’s work, you can view all of these films in full length at https://culturalmedia.net/streaming/.

Hosted by Morten Solvik

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