Portillo International Music Festival and Academy

January 23rd, 2020

This time we take you to Chile as guests of the Portillo International Music Festival and Academy to look at how musical masterclasses are integrated into inspiring young people with a broader perspective on art, self, and society.

We will speak with the founder and director of the festival, Alejandra Urrutia, whose Concert for Brotherhood featuring Mahler’s Second Symphony was presented in a recent edition of The Mahler Hour.

Maestra Urrutia will talk about the motivation for starting this annual event in which young musicians from Central and South America retreat to the Andes Mountains for a week of music and reflection.

Caroline Ward, responsible for Leadership and Personal Coaching, will explain how music provides an opportunity for aspiring musicians to realize their goals in the larger context of their lives and their role in society.

Students and instructors will share their experiences, the impact of the Festival and the Academy on their outlook, and the role that Mahler plays in all of this.

Hosted by: Morten Solvik

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