Mahler in Spoleto

March 6th, 2021

  • Guy Robertson – Curator and Co-Director
  • Rachael Allen – Poet
  • James Cave – Composer
  • Brian O. Kepher – Conductor and Composer

This edition of The Mahler Hour will focus on “Mahler in Spoleto,” more specifically the Mahler & LeWitt Studios, an artists’ residency program in this Umbrian town that traces its roots to the families of Anna Mahler and Sol LeWitt.

– Curator and Co-Director Guy Robertson will introduce the organization, its founding, mission, and plans for the future.

– We will then meet a number of past residents who will talk about their experiences in Spoleto, reflecting on the creative impact of this unique setting and the opportunity to work there.

– The poet Rachael Allen will talk about her debut volume of poetry Kingdomland and the inspiration she has found in the sculptures of Anna Mahler.

– The composer James Cave tells us about his opera project and its special connections to Spoleto.

– Brian O. Kepher, conductor and composer, shares his vision of Classical music and the native traditions of his homeland in Africa.

Hosted by Morten Solvik

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