Abraham Mahler

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Full Name ♂️ Abraham -
Birth#1Date of Birth1720
Place of Birth1800
Father Jakub of Chmelna
Date of Marriage
Children ♂️ Michal, ♂️ Isaak, ♂️ Maisl, ♂️ Adalbert, ♀️ Sara, ♂️ Josef, ♂️ Markus, ♂️ Bernard
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Chmelna. Remains of the synagogue where Abraham Mahler (1720-1800) was a singer. The walls of the original lay-out are still preserved, newly roofed; it is used for farming purposes by the inhabitants of house No. 23.

Relation to Gustav Mahler (1860-1911): His great-great-grandfather (paternal)

  • Children: 8:
  1. Bernard Mahler (1750-1812) (Chmelna). 6 children. Next generation.
  2. Michal Mahler (Chmelna, Married: Anna Reich). 6 children: 1. Judita Mahler, 2. Josefine Mahler, 3. Teresie Mahler, 4. Ludmilla Mahler, 5. Simon Mahler, 6. Leopold Mahler.
  3. Isaak Mahler (Chmelna). No Children.
  4. Maisl Mahler (Chmelna, Married: Rachel Mirbach. 1 child: Marie Mahler (Born: 11-11-1803 Chmelna, Czech republic).
  5. Adalbert Mahler (Chmelna, Married Ludmila Kraus). 1 child: Magdalena Mahler.
  6. Markus Mahler (Chmelna, Pravonin, Married: Ludmila Holzer). 4 children: 1. David Mahler, 2. Francziska Mahler, 3. Mojses Mahler, 4. Katarina Mahler. From David Mahler, his son Ludwig Mahler (1859), his son Georg Karl Mahler (1893), his sons Henry Robert Theodor Mahler (Gmund 1932), Peter Maximilian Mahler (Gmund 1927) and his daughter Lizzi Mahler (Gmund 1924).
  7. Sara Mahler (Chmelna, Married Lazar Ruzek). 2 children: 1. Moises Mahler (Born: 15-11-1798), 2. Josefine Mahler (Born: 06-06-1800)).
  8. Josef Mahler (1781 Chmelna, Married: Rosalie Waldstein) 1 child: Marie Mahler with 3 children: 1. Anna Mahler (Born: 1808, Died: 18-04-1836), 2. Rosalie Mahler (Born: 1810, Died: 01-05-1837) and 3. Josefa Mahler (Born: 24-05-1814, Died: 07-06-1849). Sosefa Mahler had 2 children: Simon Mahler and Porges Mahler.
  • Profession: Kosher butcher, seller of spices and cantor at the synagogue. See Synagogue.
  • Died: 09-07-1800 Chmelna, Bohemia. Aged ca. 80.
  • Buried: 00-00-0000 Unknown.


  • The first "Mahler". Founder of the genus Mahler.
  • His ancestors came from the surroundings of the town of Tábor.
  • Abraham Mahler (1720-1800), his wife Anna (1731-1801) and their children lived in a house owned by Matthias (Matous) Gilig-Jilich. Chmelna, house No. 19. See House Abraham Mahler No. 19.
  • In 1787 Abraham choose the name "Mahler" as a result of a command issued by Maria Theresia and Jozef II.
  • Måhlen means 'to grind'.
  • In 1793 the name Mahler is visible for the very first time in the conscription of Jews in the City of Chmelna.
  • According to this conscription Abraham Mahler is singer in the synagogue and earned his money as a kosher butcher.
  • The walls of the synagogue can still be seen as a part of a barn that belongs to house No. 23.

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