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Heinrich Quittner
Born 26-01-1961 Amsterdam
Gender ♂️ Male

Parents ( 1 )

Ludwig Elias Quittner
Mother Leopoldine Quittner-Mahler
Siblings ♀️


Birth Entering into life.

📍 Amsterdam

Additional Information

Additional Info

 Heinrich Quittner (1887-1961).

  • Sister: 1:
  1. Anna Czeczowitka-Quittner (1885-1941)
  • Education: Engineer and inventor.
  • Profession: Manufacturer of rubber goods.
  • Marriage: 
  • Dutch naturalization: Bill 13-02-1952 No. 2448 1-3 no. 14 by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, 06-03-1952 No. 2448 by House of Parliament (Tweede Kamer).


      Dutch naturalization Heinrich Quittner, 06-03-1952.

  • Wife: Anna Maria Steinbauer (Quittner-Steinbauer). Born: 25-07-1894, Died: 30-03-1959 Amsterdam, buried 02-04-1959 Amsterdam, aged 64. De Nieuwe Ooster cemetery, Amsterdam, Grave 3-72-C-111, year of transfer 2005, cemetery NL-SAA-1495426. 
  • Nickname: Heini (in 1928).
  • Children: No.
  • Address: 1952 in Amsterdam.
  • Died: 26-01-1961 (1962) Amsterdam, aged 73.
  • Buried: Not on the Nieuwe Ooster cemetery or the Noorderbegraafplaats cemetery in Amsterdam.

1. Publication 1935 - Patent Germany (No. DE622833 C) "Tubenverschluss"

  • Publication number: DE622833 C
  • Publication type: Grant
  • Application number: DE1934Q0001970
  • Publication date: 07-121935
  • Application date: 30-01-1934
  • Priority date: 12-07-1933
  • Original Assignee: Heinrich Quittner Dipl Ing

Tubenverschluss, bei dem das Abschlussorgan aus einer Walze besteht, die auf dem mittleren Teil eines federnden, am Tubenhalse angebrachten schwenkbaren Drahtbuegels sitzt und sich in der Verschlussstellung in eine hohlzylindrische Dichtungsflaeche der Tubenmuendung legt.

2. Publication 1936 - Patent US (No. US2030609 A) "Closure device"

  • Publication number: US2030609 A
  • Publication type: Grant
  • Publication date: 11-02-1936
  • Filing date: 25-06-1934
  • Priority date: 12-07-1933
  • Inventor: Heinrich Quittner
  • Original Assignee: Heinrich Quittner

I have illed applications in Austria on the 12th July 1933 and in Germany on the 29th January 1934, of which the following is a specification.

A tube closure adapted for attachment to the tube neck to open and close the outlet through' the neck comprising a closure cap capable of being screwed on the tube neck and provided with an outlet corresponding with the tube outlet, a resilient stirrup preferably of wire, the web of which carries a /resiiiently deformable closure body for the outlet in the closure cap and is provided with two upwardly projecting parts, each part being nrmly connected at the end with an arm, these two arms being extended downwardly below the closure bodyV and provided cn their lower ends with short pins adapted to en-I gage corresponding recesses on opposite points of the closure cap for pivotally mounting the clos(- ure device on the closure cap.

Publication patent No. US2030609 A "Closure Device" by Heinrich Quittner (with signature Heinrich Quittner).

3. Publication 1938 - Patent US (No. US2119926 A) "Collapsible tube container"

  • Publication number: US2119926 A
  • Publication type: Grant
  • Publication date: 07-06-1938
  • Filing date: 01-02-1937
  • Priority date: 21-02-1936
  • Inventor: Heinrich Quittner
  • Original Assignee: Firm Lowit & Comp

Patented June 7, 1938 Patent- office Heinrich Quittner, Vienna, Austria, assigner to the firm Lwit & Comp., Vienna, Austria Application February 1, 1937, Serial No. 123,498

This invention relates to collapsible tube containers made from paper. Tubes of this description made from paper are not suitable for the majority of purposes on account of their poor resistance to mechanical and chemical strains, and are therefore precluded lfrom mostV uses. In accordance with the present invention, however, tubes of this type can be rene wall is also rendered highly resistant to chemical attacks of all kinds, since rubber or the like is not attacked by the substances normally packed in collapsible tube containers, such as 25 aqueous emulsions, acids, alkalies, soaps, and the like. 'A film-like lining of the kind provided by the present invention also has the elect of completely sealing up all joints and crevices which result inevitably from the process of manufac- 30 turing the tube, and the contents of the tube are consequently saved from theaccess of air and from becoming dry.

Publication patent No. US2119926 A "Collapsible Tube Container" by Heinrich Quittner (with signature Heinrich Quittner).

4. Publication 1941 - Patent Austria (No. 160618)

  • 11-08-1941 Patent Austria No. 160618 (entered 28-04-1937), Lowit & Co, Siegfried Neubauer and Heinrich Quittner, Vienna. Publication 19-11-1941 in Chemisches Zentralblatt, Berlin.

Publication patent No. 160618 in Chemisches Zentralblatt, Berlin.

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