Eduard Ebner (1821-1906)

Eduard Ebner (1821-1906)

  • Profession: Dr, Polyhistor (From Latin polyhistōr (“very learned”), from Hellenistic Ancient Greek πολυΐστωρ (poluḯstōr, “greatly learned”)).
  • Residences: Oed (near Waldegg, south west of Vienna), Budapest, Vienna
  • Relation to Mahler: Friend
  • Correspondence with Mahler:
  • Correspondence about Ebner:
  • Born: 16-09-1821 Hungary
  • Married: 00-00-1864 Ottilie Ebner-Hauer (born: 03-12-1836, soprano, piano player, died 08-07-1920). (Engagement 25-12-1863)
  • Address: Zoltan-Utca No. 13, Budapest and Oed (Hauer family home), Austria (now: Waldegg, Wiener Neustadt-land, Brahmsweg No. 9, Austria).
  • Died: 08-08-1906 (aged 84) 
  • Buried: 00-00-0000

Also: Edward Ebner.

After their marriage (1864) they moved to Budapest, later to Vienna. In 1885 back to Budapest (Ebner family home, Zoltan-Utca No. 13).

Ottilie Hauer met Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) in 1862 in Vienna and they stayed friends until Brahms’ death in 1897.

On 29-01-1878 she performed in Theodor Billroth (1829-1894)‘s house in Vienna.

Brahms visited Ebner often, both in Budapest and in the summer in Oed. He also introduced Hans Kossler (1853-1926) to Ottilie Ebner.

Hans Kossler (1853-1926) introduced Gustav Mahler to the Ebner family.

According to the daughter of Ottilie, Gustav Mahler also regularly arranges a loge for the Ebners in the Budapest Opera House.

Gustav Mahler vistied their homes in Budapest and Oed, where he made mountain walks together with with Ottilie and Eduard Ebner.

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