Stephania Gerrieta Johanna van Andel (1873-1949) and Jan Dudok van Heel (1867-1930).

  • Profession: Merchant, Chairman of the Amsterdam section of Toonkunst and member of the Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw.
  • Relation to Mahler:
  • Correspondence with Mahler:
  • Born: 08-07-1867 Amsterdam
  • Married 22-04-1896 Leiden. Stephania Gerrieta Johanna van Andel (1873-1949).
  • Died: 21-11-1930 Amsterdam. Aged 63.
  • Buried: 00-00-0000

Also: Johannes Dudok Van Heel.

Board member of Toonkunst.

Founder of the Association of Donators of the Concertgebouw (now Friends of the Concertgebouw).

He was a gifted pianist, who already played Chopin when he could not reach the pedals with his feet. For decades he set the tone in the Amsterdam department of the Society for the Promotion of the Art of Music. At his funeral in 1930 spoke on behalf of his friends Dr. C.C. Delprat: “His great giftedness and his interest in art, for the music in particular, have been a blessing in his life. His great intellect and great workforce, the ability to express himself easily, the art of being something for everyone in life, his great knowledge of his business, his integrity, his qualities that meant he meant a lot to others. ” Jantje Toonkunst, as he was called, was in business. Together with a J. van Laer he had bought a trade in steel pipes and machines at the end of the last century, which in 1910, after a merger, was renamed Bernet & Co. Son Bram continued that business and the music played a major role with him. He was the founder of the Association of Donors of the Concertgebouw (now Friends of the Concertgebouw). At Bernet, now declared royal, until the sale to Hoogovens in 1971 also Bram’s son Jan.

Chairman of the ‘Management Committee’ at the Conservatory.

  • 1921: Correspondence with Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951).
  • 1929: At the 100th anniversary of the Society in 1929, the Toonkunst Jubilee prize set by J. Dudok van Heel, who was already held board positions for 30 years.
  • 1930: In memoriam 30-11-1930: The Bach program of 30 November 1930 is dedicated to J. Dudok van Heel, chairman of the Amsterdam section of Toonkunst and former member of the Concertgebouw board. 1 1 PROGRAM OF THE SUNDAY AFTERNOON-CONCERT (SERIES ZI) SUNDAY 30 NOVEMBER tURN DUR. WILLEM MENGELBERG MAURERIAN TRAUERMUSIK W. A. MOZART I In memoriam J. Dudok of Whole I JOHANN SEBASTIAN -BACH (I685-I750) SUITE (No. 3) D GR. T. Ouverture – Air – Gavotte I – Gavotte II Bourrée – Gigue From the THIRD SUITE for violoncel solo: Prélude – Sarabande – Gigue Soloist: CAREL VAN LEEUWEN BOOMKAMP BRANDENBURGSCH CONCERT No.. 4 (G GR. T.) for violin solo, two flutes and string orchestra Allegro ~ Andante ~ Presto Violin solo: LoUIS ZIMMERMAN Flutes: KAREL WILLEKE, Nlc. CLASS SO.O-CANTATE for soprano “MEIN HERZE SCHWIMMT IN BLUT” First performance Soloist: Jo VINCENT End ± 4.I5 hours.

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