• Gebrüder Staeger. Brothers Staeger.
  • Since 1870.
  • Joštova No. 19. Untere Elkergasse 128/19.
  • The house where the Brothers Staeger had a photo studio.
  • Johann Staeger (1827-1891). Painter and photographer. 
  • Josef Staeger (1831-1903). Mayor of Jihlava in the years 1874 to 1887. Photographer, owner of real estate, patron. Honorary citizenship was acquired in 1881 as a meritorious work for the city.
  • A few photographs of Gustav Mahler were taken here. 
  • Near Church of St James the Greater (Jakubske square, Sct. Jakob’s Platz).

Photostudio Staeger. Untere Elkergasse No. 128 on the right.

Photostudio Staeger, Untere Elkegasse.

Photostudio Staeger. Untere Elkegasse No. 128/19.

Photostudio Staeger.

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