The Berliner Volks-Zeitung (BVZ) was from 1904 to 1944 a regional German daily newspaper in Greater Berlin.

The origins of the Berlin Volks-Zeitung go back to the founded by Franz Duncker and Aaron Bernstein and from April 1, 1849 regularly appearing Urwähler newspaper back. Due to communist and radical democratic content, the newspaper was banned by the Prussian Ministry of Interior several times and for a long time. On April 9, 1853 Duncker took over the shares of amber and led the newspaper alone representatively as Volks-Zeitung – organ for everyone from the people. In the early 1860s, the Volks-Zeitung according to publisher’s statistics with about 22,000 copies of the highest-circulation publications in the Prussian capital have heard.

In 1885, the publisher Emil Cohn bought the paper. Editor-in-chief of the newspaper was between 1884 and 1886 Adolph Phillips. His successor was Hermann Trescher, who handed over the editorship to Franz Mehring in April 1889 for health reasons. Mehring had been working for the Volks-Zeitung since 1884. Due to his Marxist views and the associated continuous decline in circulation, he came increasingly in conflict with Emil Cohn. Mehring’s opposition to the socialist laws led to the repeated prohibition of the newspaper and to a threat to the existence of the publisher. In the fall of 1890 Franz Mehring was dismissed without notice.

1892 Karl Vollrath took over the editorship, who exercised this position for 23 years until his death. Vollrath gave up the Marxist reading of the newspaper, but could not stop the circulation decline in the following twelve years. Due to the competition to the Berliner Tageblatt, the Volks-Zeitung was increasingly in financial difficulties and led only a shadowy existence. In 1904 Cohn sold the newspaper to his ex-partner and brother-in-law Rudolf Mosse, who renamed the newspaper from July 1 of the same year to Berliner Volks-Zeitung.

19-05-1911. Berliner Volks-Zeitung. Obituary Gustav Mahler.

19-05-1911. Berliner Volks-Zeitung. Obituary Gustav Mahler.

19-05-1911. Berliner Volks-Zeitung. Obituary Gustav Mahler.

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