• Lowenburg castle.
  • Year 1883.
  • Kind of carnival association, for men only.
  • Initiative in Leipzig by Paul Greeff (1854-1923).
  • Gustav Mahler was co-founder (No. 10) and had the title “Ritter Klingsor”. He was a member for one year.
  • Now located in the Sanderhauser strasse No. 59.

Founded in Prague in 1859, Schlaraffia has existed for more than 155 years and the idea of ??cultivating art, friendship and humor together has not lost its appeal. On the contrary, today Schlaraffia is for many men – we are a men’s union! – a retreat into which they can retreat and in which they can completely hide everyday worries, at least for a few hours. Here you are human and to support the friendship, politics and religion are absolute taboo topics during our meetings.

Over the years, the Schlaraffean idea has attracted many men (there are currently some 308 guillemots) worldwide. Our federation is represented on all continents and everything is siped under the same rules of the game and – certainly remarkably – only German spoken.

Schlaraffia Chasalla – Lowenburg castle.

In Kassel there are Schlaraffen since 1883. Thus we are one of the oldest clubs in town. On 26-09-1883, a handful of men met in Kassel – mainly singers, musicians, actors of the then royal theater to prepare a Uhunest for the UHU in Kassel. The eagle owl plays the role of a heraldic heraldic animal and a omnipresent. The most prominent co-founder was Gustav Mahler, who was then involved in the local theater.

The Schlaraffia Chasalla has had many well-known personalities from the Kasseler point of view as members. In addition to Gustav Mahler are Carl Laufs, he wrote the “Pension Schöller”, the aircraft manufacturer Anatole Gobiet, the writer Franz Treller, the opera singer Fritz Windgassen and Hans Wuzél, dr. Felix Blumenfeld, pediatrician and dialect poet Konrad Berndt.

Schlaraffia Chasalla – Lowenburg castle.

What is Schlaraffia? Definitely not a world view, it is a special kind of life form, a witty and humorous game, to which everyone can, but does not have to do anything according to his possibilities.

Welcome men that Love humor, Love poetry, literature, music and other arts, Appreciate friendship, can listen. Writing, rhyming, poetry or want, play an instrument (professionals and amateurs), can or want to sing (professionals and amateurs). Would like to recite something if they had an audience. Sometimes do not want to hear anything more about business and politics. Feel comfortable in this land of milk and honey – and then proudly wear the “secret” badge, the white Roland needle.

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