1894 Concert Weimar 03-06-1894 – Symphony No. 1

  • Soloist: No
  • Conductor: Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
  • Orchestra: Weimar Court Opera Orchestra, reinforced with members of the Meiningen Hofkapelle
  • Chorus: 
  • Concert number: c064
  • Notes: “Titan, Symphony in two parts and five movements”. One notices the significant retitling of the “Tone Poem in Symphonic Form” performed seven months earlier at 1893 Concert Hamburg 27-10-1893 – Symphony No. 1, Des Knaben Wunderhorn (Premieres). Also: the program booklet omits the descriptive programs, but retains the titles of the individual movements, which are identical with those in the autograph score kept at Yale University, New Haven (Osborn Collection). This was apparently done without Mahler’s approval, because on the day of the concert a new program was printed on a seperate paper and distributed, which – with some modifications – is identical with the Hamburg program 1893 Concert Hamburg 27-10-1893 – Symphony No. 1, Des Knaben Wunderhorn (Premieres). Unfortunately a copy of the additional “Weimar program” has not been located. Of additional interest, this was the second and last time Mahler presented his symphony as Titan. At the next performance, 1896 Concert Berlin 16-03-1896 – Symphony No. 1, Todtenfeier, Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Premiere), Mahler renounced all titles and programmatic descriptions, and he discarded the second movement “Blumine”.
  • In Weimar were played: Part I “Aus den Tagen der Jugend”: a. Fruhling und kein Ende, b. Blumine, c. Mit vollen Segeln and Part II “Commedia humana”: a. Totenmarsch in Callot’s Manier, b. Dell Inferno al Paradiso.

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