“Zuiderzee” was a (open) sea (zee), and is now a (closed) lake (meer). It is now called “Ijsselmeer” or “Ijmeer”. This southside of the Ijsselmeer is called “Gooimeer”.

  1. Alphons Diepenbrock (1862-1921) Composer
  2. Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) Conductor and Composer
  3. Willem Mengelberg (1871-1951) Conductor
  4. Mathilde Mengelberg-Wubbe (1875-1943) Wife of Willem Mengelberg (1871-1951) (3.)
  5. Hilda Gerarda de Booy-Boissevain (1877-1975) Daughter of Charles Boissevain (1842-1927). Wife of Hendrik (Han Henri) de Booy (1867-1964) (photographer)
  6. Petronella Johanna Boissevain (1881-1956). Daughter of Charles Boissevain (1842-1927). Not yet married.
  7. Maria Barbera Boissevain-Pijnappel (1870-1950). Married to Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain (1868-1940), who is the son of Charles Boissevain (1842-1927). Her husband is a brother of Hilda Gerarda de Booy-Boissevain (1877-1975) (5.) and Petronella Johanna Boissevain (1881-1956) (6.)

Map Zuiderzee.

25-11-2016. Zuiderzee.

25-11-2016. Zuiderzee.

25-11-2016. Zuiderzee.

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