Covers by Antoon Molkenboer (1872-1960) in color and by Theo Neuhuys (1878-1921). 24 pieces from Molkenboer, 3 pieces from Theo Neuhuys and 5 other pieces (total of 32 pieces). Subscription Concerts and Extraordinary Subscription Concerts during 1903/1904. (Bound). Program booklets.

No. 7. 22-10-1903 and 23-10-1903 – Extraordinary Subscription Concert conducted by Gustav Mahler. Symphony No. 3 (first performance) Soloist: Hermin Kittel (alto). Thursday 22-10-1903 and Friday 23-10-1903. Molkenboer No. 7 in color.

No. 8. 25-10-1903 Subscription Concert conducted by André Spoor. Works by Dvorak – Vincent d’Indy – Godard – Massenet. Afternoon. Extraordinary concert conducted by Gustav Mahler 1903 – 25/10 Sunday 25-10-2005. Symphony No. 1. Evening. The program also included Weber, Mozart and Wagner (conducted by Mengelberg). Included in the program magazine of the afternoon concert.

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Original program booklets. Copyright Bert van der Waal van Dijk for Mahler Foundation. Aquired May 2021.

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