Thomas Hampson introduce the film streaming premiere of Thomas Hampson: In Search of Gustav Mahler, an hour of narration and song performance looking at Mahler’s life and personality through his lieder.



Last photo of Gustav Mahler
30-07-2020 News from our friends at the Médiathèque Musicale Mahler (MMM) . The last known photograph of Gustav Mahler ( Year 1911 ) In our recent newsletter, we communicated our wish to present...
Mahler Hour Monthly
Due to the enormous success of the first two 'Mahler Hours', Mahler Foundation has decided to organize a monthly Mahler Hour from now on. The monthly Mahler Hour is on the first Tuesday of each...
Embrace Everything
The Embrace Everything series is an exploration and celebration of the music of Gustav Mahler. Each season explores a different Mahler symphony and includes interviews with leading conductors, music...
Second Mahler Hour
Mahler turns 160! Second Mahler Hour by Mahler Foundation . Featuring: Marina Mahler, Aaron Cohen, Eveline Nikkels, Joost Honselaar, Thomas Hampson, Francisco Bricio and others. Host: Morten Solvik....
Alma Mahler and Allert de...
A new edition will be released on June 12, 2020: Briefwechsel Alma Mahler - Allert de Lange Verlag , a publication of the Gustav Mahler Stichting Nederland, delivered by Matthijs Boumans and Eveline...
Updates website
Link: List of new information added to the Mahler Foundation website . Sorting: Last update first.
Mahler Festival 2021...
For the third time in its history the Concertgebouw is organising a major tribute to Gustav Mahler. In 1920 the first ‘Mahler Fest’ took place in Amsterdam, for the occasion of Willem Mengelberg’s...
First Mahler Hour
Mahler Around the World This event brings together people from all over the world with a purpose to pay tribute to the g reat composer Gustav Mahler, on his 109th death anniversary. The live...
Mahler Festival 2020 online
Ten new Mahler documentaries Mahler Foundation and Het Concertgebouw have commissioned ten new documentaries on the occasion of the Mahler Festival 2020 in Amsterdam (from 8 to 17 May 2020). These...
Earth Day 2020
Join Mahler Foundation for The Song Of The Earth on Earth Day! Three Inspiring Films for Earth Day 2020 Gustav Mahler once said: "I want to be remembered as the 'Singer of Nature,'", and no work...
Resurrection Symphony
In August 1892 a cholera epidemic struck Hamburg as Mahler was on his way there to conduct another season at the Stadttheater. Faced with possibly drastic consequences and defying orders that he...
Mahler World Map
World map with all the locations visited by Gustav Mahler. The map also contains other Gustav Mahler related locations such as the Mahler Societies and the Mahler Foundation. Link to the Gustav...
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Cartoons and caricatures published during the life of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). Collected from worldwide publications.

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Images of Gustav Mahler made by his daughter Anna and by Auguste Rodin. With a complete list of the original Rodin casts.

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Paining by Gallen-Kallela "Lit up only by fire, quite a la Rembrandt .... a strong likeness. You would be astonished!' - Gustav Mahler (1907).

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Photo albums

The private family photo album of Gustav and Alma Mahler. Alma Schindler's photo album after Gustav Mahler. Photos from various Mahler Festivals.

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  • Symphony No. 1

    Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 1. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Conductor Daniel Harding. Fragment.
  • Symphony No. 2

    Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 2 (brass chorale). Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Conductor Daniele Gatti. Fragment.
  • Gustav Mahler aboard

    Gustav Mahler aboard at the piano

    Steamship S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria

    • Name: S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria (1906-1919).
    • Owner: Hamburg America Line.
    • Operator: Germany.
    • Port of registry: Hamburg.
    • Builder: Vulcan AG shipyard in Stettin, German Empire.
    • Yard number: 264.
    • Launched: 29 August 1905 By the German Empress.
    • Maiden voyage: 10 May 1906.
    • Fate: Seized by the United States.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria.

    The SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria was built by AG Vulcan Stettin in Stettin on the Baltic in 1905-1906. The new ship was ordered by the expanding Hamburg America Line. At 24,000 plus tons she was the largest passenger liner in the world from 1905 to 1907 until the advent of Cunard's Lusitania.

    When the keel was laid down as "Ship #264," this vessel was intended to be named the SS Europa; she was to have been a sister ship to the SS Amerika which was being built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast during the same period. At the time of her launching on 29 August 1905, her only peer in size was the slightly smaller Amerika which had been launched days earlier.

    The SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria sailed under a German flag for eight years. German Empress Auguste Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein permitted the vessel to be named after her and participated in the launching ceremonies.

    The 24,581-ton vessel had a length of 677.5 feet, and her beam was 77.3 feet. She had two funnels, four masts, twin propellers, and an average speed of 18 knots. The ocean liner provided accommodation for 472 first-class passengers and for 174 second class passengers. There was room for 212 third-class passengers and for 1,608 fourth-class passengers.

    The SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria left Hamburg on 10 May 1906 on her maiden voyage to Dover, Cherbourg, and New York under the command of Captain Hans Ruser. Thereafter, she regularly sailed the route between Hamburg and New York. In 1910 the ship was to be used in experiments for the world's first ship-to-shore airplane flights by pilot John McCurdy. A special platform was built on Kaiserin Auguste Victoria to provide a runway for McCurdy's plane. McCurdy abandoned the attempt when rival pilot Eugene Ely flew off the deck of the "USS Birmingham" off of Hampton Roads Virginia in 1910.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Hamburg-Amerika Linie.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Stairs in smoking room.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Stairs in smoking room.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Stairs.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Socio salon.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Ritz's Carlton Restaurant.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Smoking room.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Wintergarden.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Restaurant.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria.

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Music salon. See: 1907 Westbound 12-12-1907 until 21-12-1907 S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria - Concert 18-12-1907 (piano).

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Salon. 

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria. Salon (detail).

    S.S. Kaiserin Auguste Victoria.