Des Knaben Wunderhorn – 2 songs

Introduction Des Knaben Wunderhorn, 2 songs
After 1901, 'Urlicht' and 'Es sungen drei Engel' were removed from the Wunderhorn collection, and replaced in later editions by two other songs, thus restoring the total number of songs in the set to twelve. The two new songs were: Lied ...
Lied 1: Revelge

Revelge is the most intense and manic of the Wunderhorn settings, and also by far the most extended. It is a persistent march of a magnitude matching the great march movements of the symphonies. The speaker is a fallen drummer boy whose comrades pass him by on the march and ...

Lied 2: Der Tamboursg'sell

Tamboursg'sell is the last composed of Mahler's Wunderhorn settings. Like Revelge, it is sung by a doomed drummer. Rather than lying in the field, however, this drummer lies in prison. Where Revelge was manic, this song is more heavy and mournful. The drum rolls here are slower and more ...

Orchestration Des Knaben Wunderhorn, 2 songs


  • 1 Bass clarinet.
  • 2 Bassoon. 
  • 2 Clarinet A. 
  • 2 Clarinet Bb. 
  • 1 Contra bassoon. 
  • 2 Cor Anglais (English horn).  
  • 2 Flute. 
  • 2 Oboe. 
  • 1 Piccolo. 


  • 4 Horn F (French horn). 
  • 3 Trumpet Bb.
  • 1 Trumpet F.

String sections

  • Double bass. 
  • Viola. 
  • Violin I.
  • Violin II. 
  • ...