After 1901, ‘Urlicht’ and ‘Es sungen drei Engel’ were removed from the Wunderhorn collection, and replaced in later editions by two other songs, thus restoring the total number of songs in the set to twelve. The two new songs were:

Lied 1: Revelge (The dead drummer, 1899)

Lied 2: Der Tamboursg’sell (The Drummer Boy, 1901)

Shortly after Mahler’s death, the publisher Universal Edition (UE) music publishers replaced Mahler’s own piano versions of the Wunderhorn songs by ‘piano reductions’ of the orchestral versions, thus obscuring the differences in Mahler’s writing for the two media. In spite of this, voice-and-piano performances, especially of the ‘lighter’ songs, are frequent. The original piano versions were re-published in 1993 as part of the critical edition, edited by Renate Hilmar-Voit and Thomas Hampson.

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