Symphony No. 8

Introduction Symphony No. 8

Symphony in two parts for large orchestra, eight soloists, two mixed choirs and boys'choir.

"Try to imagine the whole universe beginning to ring and resound. There are no longer human voices, but planets and suns revolving" (Gustav Mahler).

Movement 1: Lied 1: Hymnus: Veni Creator Spiritus

Veni Creator Spiritus ("Come Creator Spirit") is a hymn believed to have been written by Rabanus Maurus in the 9th century. When the original Latin text is used, it is normally sung in Gregorian Chant. As an invocation of the Holy Spirit, in the practice of the Roman Catholic ...

Movement 2: Lied 2: Schlussszene aus Goethe’s Faust

Part II: Closing scene from Goethe's Faust

The second part of the symphony follows the narrative of the final stages in Goethe's poem-the journey of Faust's soul, rescued from the clutches of Mephistopheles, on to its final ascent into heaven.

Movement 2: Lied 2: Schlussszene ...

Orchestration Symphony No. 8


  • 1 Bass clarinet Bb.
  • 4 Bassoon.
  • 4 Clarinet Bb.
  • 1 Clarinet Eb.
  • 1 Contra bassoon.
  • 1 Cor Anglais (English horn).
  • 4 Flute.
  • 4 Oboe.
  • ...