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Annie Sommerfeld-Mincieux (1857-1937).

She came from a family of Berlin bankers (Polish emigrants). Father Louis Kuczynski. Her older brother was the once famous composer Paul (Pavel, Pawel) Kuczynski (born 10-11-1846, died 21-10-1897): pupil of Hans von Bulow (1830-1894), composer, friend and supporter of Richard Wagner (1813-1883).

Studied with Gussow in Berlin and Carriere and Leandre in Paris. First public performance as a pianist at the age of 14.

In the 1890s she changed her name Anna Kuczynski to Annie Sommerfeld, but inventually insisted on being known as Annie (also Anita) Mincieux, to such an extent that she erased the name Sommerfield from Mahler’s handwritten dedication to her. See photo.

Spent twelve years as a journalist in Paris. Since 1910 she lived and worked in Switzerland.

Annie Mincieux published the letters from Mahler in her own lifetime (Basler Nachrichten 13-07-1923). These letters are incomplete.

Year 1896, 00-05-1896 Postcard by Gustav Mahler to Annie Sommerfeld-Mincieux (1857-1937). Gustav Mahler. Photo by E. Bieber, Hamburg 1892, with dedication to Annie Sommerfeld-Mincieux (1857-1937):

“Den Unmundigen / zu verkunstigen / ist, wie bestellt, / frau Sommerfeld! / In Worten, bundigen, / in Thaten, grundigen / wie ein Held! / Nun merk dir’s Welt / und hore auf, zu sundigen! / Meiner Evangelistin Frau Annie Sommerfeld in aufrichtiger Freundschaft / Gustav Mahler / Hamburg, Mai 1896.”

“The underpowered / to articulate / is as ordered, / Ms. Sommerfeld! / In words, concise, / in deeds, ground / like a hero! / Now remember the world / and stop sinning! / My evangelist Ms. Annie Sommerfeld in sincere friendship / Gustav Mahler / Hamburg, May 1896. “

Annie Mincieux later crossed out the name Sommerfeld.

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