1895. Carl Weinberger (1861-1939)

  • Profession: Composer of operettas
  • Residences: Vienna
  • Relation to Mahler: See 1899 Concert Vienna 19-02-1899 and Restaurant Meissl und Schaden
  • Correspondence with Mahler:
  • Born: 03-04-1861 Vienna, Austria
  • Died: 01-11-1939 Vienna, Austria. Aged 78.
  • Buried: Protestant cemetery Matzleinsdorf, Vienna, Austria. Grave wall left, number 134.

Karl Rudolf Michael „Charles“ Weinberger was an austrian operetta composer. Married to Helene Schandl.

His mother Helene Weinberger (1839) married in 1883 Hugo Wittmann (1839-1923) After her engagement at the Hofburgtheater she was a successful Offenbach singer at the Carltheater.

Carl Weinberger (1861-1939).

Studied (after education in Geneva and Dresden) at the College of Agricultural Sciences, but soon turned to the compositional work. The premiere of his first operetta “Pagenstreicher” on New Year’s Eve 1887 (libretto by his stepfather Hugo Wittmann, employee of the Neue Freie Presse) followed over two dozen operettas.

Weinberger was President of the Austrian Composers’ Union from 1922 to 1925, when in the most difficult time he lost both chairman Heinrich Reinhardt and Carl Michael Ziehrer.

Carl Weinberger (1861-1939). Letter and signature.

Works Approx. 20 operettas: Pagenstreiche, 1888; Muenchener Kindl, 1893; Adam und Eva, 1899; Die romantische Frau, 1910; Der Frechling, 1913. – Opera: Das Sonnenkind, 1929. – 15 Ernste Lieder, concert waltzes, quartets.

In 1955, Weinbergerplatz in Vienna-Hietzing was named after him.

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