Max Puttmann (1863-1935)

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Max Puttmann (1863-1935)

Puttmann published a six-column article – with photograph – entitled Gustav Mahler in the 01-02-1906 issue of ‘Blatter fur Haus- und Kirchen-musik’. The article consisted of a succinct biography and list of Mahler’s principal compositions. pPuttmnn’s information was not always accurate.

Year 1906: Lied Ruckert 5: Liebst du um Schoenheit orchestrated by Max Puttmann (1863-1935). Later it was included by Kahnt music publishers with the 6 Lieder with orchestra which had already been published. Contract date 08-12-1906. Mahler received 600 marks for the publication. The work is described as a song ‘For voice with piano accompaniment’.


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