Emil Zöphel

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Emil Zöphel.

  • Profession: Mahlers copyist during his tenure at the Vienna State Opera. Member of the Staff.
  • Residences: Vienna
  • Relation to Mahler: Mahlers copyist
  • Correspondence with Mahler: 
  • Born: 00-00-0000 
  • Died: 00-00-0000 
  • Buried: 00-00-0000

Copyist who was employed by the Vienna Court Opera from 1899 (and perhaps, earlier), and up to about 1907-1908 was Mahler’s main Viennese copyist.

  1. Symphony No. 1: Particell / für die Fernmusik (3 Trompetten) / im I. Satz. Probably copied for the Viennese première of the work on 18 November 1900. A short score showing the off-stage trumpet parts in the first movement, prepared by Emil Zöphel. Interestingly it contains none of the full score’s instructions about the off-stage placing of the instruments.
  2. Symphony No. 6: 
  3. Symphony No. 7: History Symphony No. 7.
  4. Symphony No. 8

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