Minnie Untermyer-Carl (1857-1924)

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Minnie Untermyer-Carl (1857-1924)

Minnie Carl. Daughter of a German-Protestant immigrant journalist, Manilius Carl (1829-1903), became a patron of the arts. She was to invite many well-known writers and musicians to Greystone (Untermyer Estate). During the 1930s, Untermyer also hosted many celebrities at his winter estate in Palm Springs including Albert Einstein, Mayor Jimmy Walker of New York City, and the Hollywood film producer, Ernst Lubitsch.

She had 3 children. The first was a son named Alvin, who served in the 305th Field Artillery in France, during the Great War, or World War I. The next son was Irwin, who was a justice of the Appellate Division at the New York State Supreme Court. Their daughter, Irene, was a philanthropist, who married Louis Putnam Myers. When he died she remarried & became the wife of Stanley Richter.

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