Café de l’Europe (1, Stephansplatz 8A, Jasomirgottstrasse 2, opposite the Giant Gate), built in 1874 by Wilhelm Fränkel. It was run by Ludwig Riedl around the turn of the century and included officers, diplomats and even members of the imperial family (including Anton Kuh, who described the café). Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) also frequented here. The cafe was open day and night and was popular especially in the early morning hours.

Café Europe.

After the First World War moved into the premises of a banking institute, the cafe was moved in 1919 in the located on the Jasomirgottstraße part of the house. Here in March 1933 numerous German emigrants met (among others Walter Mehring, Oskar Maria Graf and Bertolt Brecht). (In contrast, Paul Harrer-Lucienfeld mentions that the café had to close after the First World War and only reopened in 1935.)

Café Europe.

In April 1945 the cafe burned down; it was purchased elsewhere (1, Graben 31) as a three-storey café espresso (original 1950s style).

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