Gustav Mahlers’ home:

  1. At the beginning of his engagement at the Koniglich Deutsches Landestheater (Royal German Theatre) in Year 1885.
  2. In the period 20-05-1908 until 14-06-1908. Year 1908. (23 years later)
  3. In the period 05-09-1908 until 30-09-1908. Year 1908.

Frederic Chopin had a house built near this location where he lived from 1829 until 1830 (left).

Situated opposite the Power Tower, on the corner of Na Prikope and Hybernska streets. The Blue Start Hotel was erected in 1846 and became one of the city’s more popular hotels. Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) and Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) also stayed in this hotel.

In 1941 immortalized in the Czech film The Blue Star Hotel.

Hotel Blue Star (right).

Cafe Continental in Hotel Blue Star (1890).

1934. Hotel Blue Star (right). Note: The name of the hotel is in English on the facade.

Hotel Blue Star.

2018. Location Hotel Blue Star.

2018. Location Hotel Blue Star.

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