1881 Concert Vlasim 18-08-1881 (piano)

  • Chronology: Year 1881.
  • Location: Charles IV restaurant.
  • Nature: Benefit concert for the Czech National Theatre in Prague.
  • Program: Unknown.
  • Composition Mahler: No.
  • Soloist: Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) (piano).
  • Conductor: No.
  • Orchestra: No.
  • Chorus: No.
  • Concert number: c12b
  • Notes: A month before Mahler left for Ljubljana, he visited his cousin Gustav Frank (1859-1923) in Vlasim. During this visit he participated in an impromptu benefit concert, the details are unknown, but we may assume tha Mahler played piano pieces. The National Theatre was inaugurated on 11-06-1881 but burned down on 12-08-1881. It was re-opened on 18-11-1883 after a national subscription provided funding.

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