1872. Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) and Gustav Frank (1859-1923).

Relation to Gustav Mahler (1860-1911): A nephew (maternal)

Gustav Georg Frank is a son of Anna Herrmann. Anna Herrmann is a sister of Marie Mahler-Herrmann (1837-1889) (Gustav Mahlers mother). See their father: Abraham Herrmann (1807-1868).

  • Born: 14-09-1859 Vlasim.
  • Father: Ignaz Frank (Born: 03-12-1839 Postupice, Father: Samsom Frank, Mother: Rosa V.).
  • Mother: Anna Herrmann (Born: 08-08-1838 Ledec, Married: 09-11-1858, Died: 05-03-1898 Vlasim). She is the younger sister of Gustav Mahler’s mother (Marie Mahler-Herrmann (1837-1889)) and married a wealthy merchant Vlašimi Frank Ignatius (Ignac, uncle of Gustav Mahler). 
  • Sister: Wilemine Frank (1864)?
  • Marriage: Yes.
  • Wife: Yes in St Petersburg.
  • Children: 4 in St Petersburg.
  • Profession: Engraver, graphic, portrait painter, illustrator.
  • Died: 07-05-1923 Unknown. Aged ca. 64.
  • Buried: 00-00-0000 Unknown.


  • Gustav Frank attended school in Vlasim, where he learned to draw from Cenka Schneider.
  • Completed higher secondary school in Prague and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, majoring in painting.
  • Gustav Frank shared a room with his cousin Gustav Mahler in Vienna.
  • 17-09-1876 or 1877 Vienna: Gustav Mahler and Gustav Frank sent together a letter to uncle Joseph Fleischberger and aunt Barbara Fleischberger-Herrmann in Ledec. Barbara Fleischberger-Herrmann is a sister of Gustav Mahlers mother (Marie Mahler-Herrmann (1837-1889)).
  • In 1890 he went to St Petersburg, here he first worked as a teacher in tsarist artistic authority. In 1896 he became a member of the editorial committee of art in St Petersburg, where the made pictorial publications of the Moscow tsar coronation. 
  • Frank lived in St Petersburg between 1890 and 1911, having accepted an invitation from the State Papers Office in St Petersburg to help improve the artistic quality of its work. Frank made portraits in cayon of the Emperors Alexander III and Nicolas II, and atchings of Leo Tolstoy and Eleonora Duse, and in 1899 became a member of the Royal Academy of Arts. The cousins frequently met when Mahler stayed in St Petersburg with Alma (23-03-1902, honeymoon) and on his own in 1907.
  • In Russia an engraver of the Department of State Paper Stock and Currency Production
  • Author of the engravings on the Czarist Russian banknote at the time of Tsar Nicholas II.
  • Left Russia for family reasons.
  • 08-1909 until 08-1913 in Munich, Kaulbachstrasse 35, 2nd floor.
  • Attended 1910 Concert Munich 12-09-1910 – Symphony No. 8 (Premiere)?
  • Leipzig.
  • Worked in Vienna.
  • Monogram FG 539, FG 540, FG 541.

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