The Mahler Spotlight — a monthly webcast that provides an in-depth look at a single topic from the world of Mahler.

We focus on a specific work by Mahler, recordings, cultural history, biographical details, anecdotes, etc.  At other times we will bring you extensive interviews with performers, composers, and other personalities from the world of music and culture. Putting Mahler in the spotlight from today’s perspective.

  • Morten Solvik, Host and Producer
  • Francisco Bricio, Technical Producer
  • Monica Anguiano, Executive Coordinator
  • Marco Ayala, Community Manager

Mostly aired live the third Saturday of every month, September – April.

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021
  • Presented by Lew Smoley and the Gustav Mahler Society of New York
We return to a presentation on Mahler’s music. In this hour of listening examples and explanations, Lew Smoley is back to demonstrate how the ...
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Saturday, September 18th, 2021
  • Alexander Gerdanovits
  • Johannes Brummer
  • Dr. Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
This time we kick off the Spotlight with a brand new season of webcasts. We will be streaming live from inside Mahler’s composing hut in Maiernigg on Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia, ...
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April 24th, 2021 In this episode we are joined live by the widely acclaimed American baritone, Thomas Hampson. We will hear about his beginnings as an artist and talk about some highlights from his work on the concert ...
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February 20th, 2021
  • Lew Smoley
We return to a presentation on a crucial dimension of performance: Tempo. Lew Smoley is back with more examples from the symphonies of Mahler and the tremendous range of interpretation in examples from the Adagietto ...
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January 23rd, 2020 This time we take you to Chile as guests of the Portillo International Music ...
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November 21st, 2020 This installment of Mahler Spotlight will be dedicated to Marina, growing up the daughter of the sculptress, Anna Mahler, the granddaughter of Alma Mahler, and, of course, of Gustav ...
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December 19th, 2020 This time the Spotlight is on Jason Starr, the documentary filmmaker whose explorations of Mahler’s symphonies have opened up new perspectives on these masterpieces to audiences far and wide. Mr. Starr explains ...
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October 17th, 2020
  • Lew Smoley - President of The Gustav Mahler Society of New York
The first program in a series of presentations entitled “Interpreting Mahler’s Music” is about Tempo. GMSNY President Lew Smoley explores an important passage from three ...
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