Gustav Mahler aged 5.

Gustav Mahler aged 5.

1. 1865. Jihlava. The first known photograph of Mahler, age 5 or 6, holding a piece of music (one of his manuscripts?). His vivid recollection of the picture-taking session is described as follows: Bursting into tears, the terrified youth refused to be photographed. He was convinced he would he whisked into the camera by the photographer’s magic spell and forever stuck to a sheet of cardboard. Only after he watched in awe as the photographer had his own picture taken and survived the experience was the youngster finally persuaded to pose.

1865. Jihlava. Backside of the first known photograph of Mahler. “Fotografisches Atelier des Wenzel Mikisch in Iglau, Neue Gasse gegenuber dem israel. Tempel.” Photostudio Mikisch.

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